Jodhpurs pants for modern life



CFCL's pants embody the characteristics of the knit, especially the Jodhpurs pants. While it is easy to wear, it gives an elegant impression from below the knee due to the silhouette that fits the calves with the ribbed structure, which utilizes the elasticity to knitwear. With the elastic waistband and extra ease from hips to knees, you can wear it comfortably as homewear. Also, you do not have to worry about the knees area bunch up, which is commonly happening in knit pants called "knee bags".

Initially, Jodhpurs pants are the pants for horse riding. Even though it is rare to have the opportunity to ride a horse nowadays, CFCL Jodhpurs pants are perfect for active styles such as bicycles in modern life.

Available in 4 colors: OFF WHITE, BEIGE, RED, and BLACK.