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The Sarrouel pants full of ingenuity



Sarrouel (low crotch pants) is a traditional costume that originated from Islamic culture. Usually, it features a long crotch line and an ankle-fitting silhouette. However, some designs do not have a crotch seam line and only have a simple design that opens two holes on the trousers so that the legs can go through. Although this kind of low crotch trousers is breathable and comfortable, on the other hand, the stride is narrow when walking, and it is difficult to climb stairs and inconvenient when riding bicycles.

With this in mind, CFCL designed low crotch pants suitable for urban life and relaxed style. While pursuing a pattern that is easy to move while having a loose silhouette, it gives an elegant impression at the same time. You can wash it at home, and also suitable for any occasion.