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What is a T-shirt that can handle the dress code?



A T-shirt is an essential item that everyone has. It was invented as underwear one hundred years ago, but it has gradually become the main item in sports and casual places. As you know, it is now popular as summer items.

On the other hand, T-shirts are lack formal for men's occasional clothing with a dress code, such as "informal" or "smart casual". "Wearing a jacket or style like shirts that are with collars" is generally required, or wearing a turtleneck is a minimum. In other words, wearing clothes that cover the neck will bring a sense of tidiness and elegance.

So how do you make a T-shirt an occasional item? CFCL changed the normal pattern of T-shirts and added some height to the collar design to bring elegance, bringing a new form of T-shirts that can easily handle even slightly formal occasions.